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Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy

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About the Book

Rough Spot Training book

Rough Spot Training

Rough Spot Training is a manual, written by Terry London, M.S. and Amor Monjes, B.A., for helping children develop emotional control, self-soothing and behavioral management. A short list of problems that the manual addresses are temper tantrums, low frustration tolerance, aggressive behavior, non-compliance with social rules, and lack of respect and cooperation with authority figures.

"Rough Spot Training was being finally produced at the time of the killings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Commentators on that tragedy frequently mentioned the need to teach children to deal with their feelings in nondestructive ways, including managing their anger, negotiating disagreements, and expressing negative emotions in a controlled manner.

Many opined that schools should be teaching emotional self-control and management as part of their core curriculum. Unfortunately, few could say how this should be done. The authors of Rough Spot Training have filled that gap. This manual gives teachers and parents ways to teach children how to avoid emotional blow-ups and destructive behavior toward themselves and others."

Stanton Peele, Ph.D.
Author of The Truth About Addiction and Recovery

"Rough Spot Training is truly a manual for helping children develop emotional control, self-soothing, and behavioral management in many important ways. It is indeed a valuable book that puts REBE (Rational-Emotive Behavior Education) in a language that can be used with almost any child who gets into emotional and behavioral trouble. It is indeed an original and major contribution that , I hope, will spread the principles of Rational-Emotive Behavior Education to innumerable children all over the world. Use it and see!"

Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
Albert Ellis Institute, President
Author of A New Guide to Rational Living

Copyright 1999. Terry London and Amor Monjes. All Rights Reserved.

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